15 Best Cycling Hashtags on Instagram

You ride. When you’re not riding, you still think about your bike. It’s a blessing and a curse. How do you feed the need when you can’t get on your bike? There is no substitute for a good ride, but checking these 15 best Instagram hashtags for cycling should help fuel your passion and inspire your next ride.

Unfortunately, many of the cycling-specific hashtags have been hijacked by motorcyclists. While the hashtags remain popular in both the cycling and motorcycle communities, we will give you an alternative if you want to clearly show that you are a cyclist, not a motorcyclist.

#bikelife (or #cyclinglife)


#Bikelife is, arguably, the most popular cycling hashtag of all time, with close to 10 million posts at any time, this hashtag is for anyone who loves to ride on two wheels and isn’t afraid to share that love with world. You can post a photo of your bike, your morning ride into work, or anything that speaks to your love of cycling because #bikelife. It’s likely that you’ll see a lot of motorcycles here. For a cycling-specific version, check #cyclinglife.


This hashtag is for those who love their bikes and want to share the awesomeness of the cycle with the world. Positioning your #baaw, which literally means bike against a wall, is the best way to showcase its beauty and uniqueness. Pro tips: make sure that the handlebars are straight, your pedals are in a horizontal position with the driveside pedal forward, chain on the big ring, and your bike is free of dust, dirt or residue. Also, you’ll usually want to photograph the driveside to show all your nice bits and pieces, but do your own thing. Finding an interesting way or place to position the bike is almost as important as making sure your bike looks good so choose wisely before you post and tag.


Your biking along a beautiful, scenic path that you’ve simply got to share with your friends on Instagram. However, you can’t exactly stop, pull over, and get your shot, so the next best option is to just snap a photo of your friends while rolling. Long live #Foreverbuttphotos. Everyone knows that your photo is going to include someone’s butt. Hopefully though, it’s the scenery that captures your followers attention. If not, well, at least people will have something interesting to comment on.


Are you proud of your hometown and want to show it off to the world? Why not take a photo of your bike route and post it on Instagram. People can get a new appreciation for the diversity of paths that are out there and what might be lovable about each one. So, go ahead and share your #fromwhereiride. You might get inspired or inspire someone else.


Created by CyclingTips founder Wade Wallace, one of the top cycling influencers, this hashtag has history. In fact, it was one of the first hashtags used on Instagram when the company first started back in 2008. Initially part of an annual photo competition, #wymtm is now used by cyclists around the world to show what they did while others were sleeping and sipping their morning coffee. If you’ve got up early and done something you think is Instagram-worthy, post it under this hashtag. This consistently appears as one of the best cycling instagram hashtags.


Is the light hitting your bike, backdrop, road, or bike path in an especially cool or interesting way? Snap a photo and post it under the hashtag #lightbro so that your fellow cyclists can also enjoy the everyone can enjoy the light magic. The idea behind this hashtag is great, but only use it when you really want someone to “Check out that light, bro!”


Handups are a tradition in Cyclocross. For those unaware, a handup is food or drink (sometimes money) that is offered by a spectator to a competing rider. These are not exactly ‘performance-enhancing’ (think: bacon, donuts, PBRs, shots of fireball, or anything else, really). Unfortunately, the tyrants at the UCI and USA Cycling forbid feeding the animals, stripping us of our fun. #handupsarenotacrime was stared by Drunk Cyclist in open defiance of this lame rule.


Women biking fearlessly alone, in groups, on the trail, wherever, whenever. If you’re female and want the world to know that you’re on the move, this is one of the best girls cycling instagram hashtags. Show your pride and support the women in you life.


You love to hate it, we all do. However, Strava does one thing well; it motivates people to ride. This hashtag allows you to show your efforts. Who cares if you got that KOM, just go look good while doing it and show us. #stravacycling


Maybe you’ve crossed the U.S. solo. Maybe you’ve spent a few months cycling from India through Mongolia. Maybe you just like to get away for the weekend or maybe you just like the thought and hope to escape for a little while. This hashtag will inspire you to get away. These bikes aren’t fast, sexy, or aero, but they are a ticket out of the daily grind. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.


If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than one of the best instagram hashtags for cyclists. Popular with cycling influencers, #roadslikethese features some truly stunning roadways, bike paths, as well as, raw and rugged terrain. This hashtag is best reserved for the rare and awe-inspiring so use it sparingly.


Life can be stressful. But when you’re outside riding your bike with the wind against your face and nothing but your own will propelling your forward, you can forget all your troubles because #outsideisfree. Make sure your photo is actually one of the outdoors before posting under this hashtag or you may get flack for it.


#bikeporn or #bicycleporn

Far less dirty than it sounds, this extremely popular hashtag is all about feeding the senses, visually that is. While motorcycles are an increasingly common site under the #bikeporn hashtag, it’s origins have cycling roots and it remains a popular with hardcore cyclers. To shed the motor and ensure you only see proper bikes, try #bicycleporn.



It’s no secret that cyclists like to look good while riding. And why not when there are so many cool sock patterns to mix and match with your cycling kit. If you’re socks go beyond basic black or white and really pop, don’t be afraid to let the Instagram cycling world know with a classic #sockdoping hashtag. This hashtag takes it even a step further, to try to get to the heart of the cycling culture.



Ok, we’re totally biased on this one. While New Bike Finder doesn’t dominate this hashtag (thanks a lot, girls in bikinis next to motorcycles), we do post to it weekly. Follow this to get to see a random, cool bike every week. Actually, make your life easier and just follow us.

Was that not enough!? Were you not entertained? Ok, fine. Here’s a hashtag dump:

#bikestagram #cyclingphotos #cyclingshots #instabicycle #instacycling #rideyourbike #bike #cycling


Cycling is as much a singular sport as it is a community. With the best Instagram hashtags at your disposal you can revel in your independence and share the love with your fellow cyclist whenever the mood strikes.